We live in a vibrational universe. Everything around us is made of sub-atomic particles which vibrate at different energetic frequencies.  Therefore, everything (your cell phone, your car, your house, the planets and the universe) is energy. As humans, we emit signals at different vibrational frequencies through our thoughts and emotions.  Therefore, we attract people and situations in life based on our emotions i.e. on what emotional frequency we vibrate on.

The word “emotion” is made up of the letter e (e=energy) + the word “motion”, so “emotions” are energies in motion. For example, if we are vibrating at the frequency of anger, we will unconsciously attract angry people into our life. In other words, angry people will join us at our frequency of anger, and we will carry on being angry together. It’s the law! It’s physics!

However, if we want to enjoy a better life, we have the free will to choose the emotional frequency at which we wish to vibrate. For example, we can wake up in the morning and choose to vibrate on gratitude for the simple things we have in life (the roof over our head, the comfortable bed in which we sleep, the water we drink)- things that many others on the planet may not have. Like attracts like! Beautiful thoughts and beautiful emotions create more of that. If we choose to vibrate on gratitude and appreciation, we will gradually notice that we are enjoying better health as we will be vibrating on higher frequencies. On the other hand, negative emotions of anger, guilt, jealousy will cause us to vibrate on lower frequencies and bad health. The universe responds to the way we FEEL…

Choose your vibrations today! We are the only ones who can do it for ourselves!

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