The Power of Thoughts

Everything starts with a thought!

Let’s say you have a thought (an image) in your mind of something beautiful you experienced. This nice thought will then create positive emotions and feelings in your body. As a result, you end up in a positive ‘state’ (more simply put- mood) and it is possible that you will ‘stay’ in that state for quite some time after the thought passes (unless you do something – like have a bad thought – to disrupt it). Conversely, if you bring to mind an unpleasant thought of a person or a situation, the emotions and feelings in your body will not be very happy ones. Instead, chances are you may experience anger, sadness, guilt etc. Our physiology and health is affected by the quality of our thoughts because thoughts have energy. In fact, as crazy as it may sound, everything in the physical world that we experience with our senses was first vibrational energy (mobile phones, the clothes we wear etc). Thoughts are also vibrations of energy which constantly interact with our physical universe.

The most profound thing to realize is that thoughts that we constantly keep thinking (in our conscious mind) get ‘printed’ in our subconscious minds. Once the imprinting of thoughts takes place into our subconscious, these thoughts begin to attract situations, people, and events that match the images that we carry internally without us being aware of this process. Therefore, our outside reality is a ‘mirror’ of what we have within.

On the one hand, this means that we (as human beings) are responsible for what happens in our lives simply because we unconsciously magnetize situations or people in our lives who are mirrors of what we carry within us (this is actually one of the main principles of NLP).On the other hand, the fact that our thoughts have such powers means that we are also powerful human beings and powerful creators of our lives. Wouldn’t it then be amazing if could learn to take control of our thoughts (and emotions) so that we can create a reality that would set the ground for a happier and better life?

Remember: Better thoughts, better quality of life! It’s as simple as that  

Life is a gift….that is why it’s called ‘the present’  Love and light, Niki

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