The message is LOVE

It is Christmas! There are many explanations for how the term “Christmas” evolved, but I will not get into that. What is certain, however, is that the word “Christ” (in Greek “Xristos” which means “annointed”) is definitely part of the word. In other words, Christ, the “annointed One” came and walked on this Earth thousands of years ago to spread only one Holy message: His message to all the people was LOVE because we come from LOVE and we go back to LOVE when we leave this earthly dimension! Love is light! It is an encompassing and powerful emotion that can heal any suffering. However, this kind of love is unconditional! This is how Jesus meant it. Therefore, we don’t love in order to receive. We don’t love only when the other person does what we want them to do, and hate them when they don’t. Unconditional love means we love and accept others as they are because we cannot change them anyway. However, in order to love and accept others as they are, we first need to love and accept ourselves.

Let’s make a brand new start today by making a commitment to finding our true consciousness…to find that pure, “annointed” and honest feeling of LOVE from which we came and spread it to all living creatures on this Earth! It’s the best gift we can offer ourselves and others! Merry Christmas everyone! May the love and light of Christ – the ‘annointed’ One – be with you all days of your lives!

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