The conscious and the unconscious mind

Did you know that 95% of our behavior is unconscious? As adults, we operate and behave on ‘auto-pilot” based on beliefs and thoughts that got unconsciously recorded on the CD of our subconscious during the first seven years of our life. Basically, as children we record what the people around us are saying or doing. These recorded ‘programs’ which are constantly playing throughout our adult life are practically stored in our subconscious mind. In short, everything we experience through our senses is recorded in our subconscious mind. 

The nature of the mind is to take these stored ‘programs’ and create a reality that matches our beliefs. Therefore, if these recorded beliefs (programs) are negative ones, our reality will be a ‘mirror’ of them (see law of attraction).

The conscious mind, however, is the place where our desires, wishes and our thinking reside. It is the creative mind. It is what we use to dream about the future or think about the past. However, every time we think about the future or the past we are not paying attention to the present moment. That is when the subconscious mind takes over and directs our behavior (but we are not aware of it).

What we need to do is ‘wake up’ to the fact that the ‘programs’ which control 95% of our behavior are not really ours. They are simply ‘copies’ of other people’s behavior which have been installed on our ‘disc’ during the first seven years of our life.  Once we ‘wake up’, we need to get ourselves out of the ‘habit’ mind (the subconscious) and take the driver’s seat by going manual, thus directing our thoughts to places we want to go.

We have the power to use our conscious mind to our advantage. We increase our awareness by observing our thoughts and choosing where we want to place our focus. This will minimize the unconscious behavior that often controls our life. As an NLP Coach, my work focuses on helping people improve become aware of their thought patterns and improve the quality of thier lives.

And remember…Life is a gift…that’s why it’s called ‘the present’! Love and light, Niki

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