Staying true to yourself

In a recent conversation with a beloved person, the topic of ‘purpose’ came up. Many people go through life without ever discovering their purpose. Others know their purpose early on in life and go for it. Whether we are aware of it or not, we all have a purpose. Our inner being (that voice inside our head) always knows what is best for us. However, we often ignore this voice when we run around to make ends meet or fulfill obligations. I am not trying to downplay the importance of everyday life. Also, I understand that with all the political, economic and ethical crises that surround us, it is amazing how anyone can stay calm and collected. Everyone is stressed, and almost everyone feels the negative effects of stress in their bodies and minds. In fact, people often proclaim that they have every right to be upset and stressed.

Indeed, everyone has the right to their emotions. However, I am here to give a different take on ‘stress’. Stress does not exist! It is only stressful people that exist, and stressful people have stressful thoughts that they themselves create. In other words, we are masters of creating our own stressful thoughts. We focus on what is going on in the world outside of us instead of paying attention to what is happening in the world inside of us. Yes, there is a beautiful world inside of us that we have forgotten because we have been trained to value what others say or dictate rather than our own self.

I maintain that in the midst of all this political, economic, ethical, personal and professional havoc, we can remain calm only if we want to. We can stay calm if we choose not to participate in the gossip and the hypocrisy that runs wild outside of us and turn inward to our true self, to our values. It is not hard to focus on values such as honesty, freedom, respect and peace because these values represent our original nature. We were born to be free, peaceful, respectful, creative and above all honest.If somewhere along the line we lost ourselves (it happens to the “best of us” hahahaha), it is normal. The important thing is to realize that we went off our path for a while and simply return ‘home’ to who we truly are. We are not alone! Others may be experiencing the same emotions of frustration and despair from living a stressful and fearful life. Just reach out and ask for help and guidance! I know I did a while back, and this is how I found myself and rediscovered my true nature. Now it is my turn to help you. This is what I do as a Life Coach and NLP coach. I am here for you, but I won’t know that you need assistance unless you reach out to me. Allow your true self to come to the surface. It will be the best gift you offer yourself! Lots of love coming your way!

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