Today we had our February meeting of the Cyprus Happiness Club. Our discussion revolved around ‘relating’. Our ability to relate is another key to happy living. We are social beings, and the adage ‘no man is an island’ holds true. We are wired for connection and bonding with other people, for sharing and building bridges of communication. In fact, creating close relationships with friends and family is a basic human need, and people with strong connections are happier and healthier. Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that close relationships are at the center of our well-being. Feeling connected with others improves our immune system and our mental health. Moreover, research shows that giving and receiving support and feeling heard and understood by our friends and family is extremely important for our physical and emotional health. However, relationships are a two-way street, and both parties in a personal or professional relationship need to work on the connection if growth is to happen. Love, caring and respect has to be mutual. If you feel that the attention and caring you invest in a relationship is not reciprocated or appreciated, it is time to acknowledge the ending of that relationship and move forward regardless of how painful it may be. There are plenty of other people who are a match to your vibration and will be attracted to a giving and loving person. Chris Peterson, one of the founders of positive psychology said that “Others matter”. Just as “others matter”, “you also matter”. Therefore, if you want to create a happier life, reach out and connect with people who appreciate you. They are the ones who matter because they are the ones with whom you can create a more positive connection. Our Cyprus Happiness Club is an example of a space where positive connections take place through sharing and understanding. Feel free to join us anytime!

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