Raising your vibration

Unconsciously, we lower our vibration every day. We think negative thoughts, we get upset at the most insignificant things, we focus on what is not important while at the same time forgetting that our presence on this earth is short and temporary. We feel guilty for no reason at all and speak negatively to ourselves. We have been ‘taught’ and programmed to feel guilt and shame by our environment. Therefore, we end up being in a bad ‘vibe’, creating a negative electromagnetic field around us and sending off waves of negative energy without even realizing it.

The good news is that there are ways we can increase our vibration: 1) We can learn to forgive ourselves. It is not as hard as we may initially think. In fact, it simply requires that we examine our thoughts and deeds in a more objective way and not in the way we have been accustomed. 2) We can spend time in nature. Nature is a great teacher which can heal negative emotions. It is a form of meditation. A little time in nature can re-energize us. 3) We can get in a state of gratitude and find reasons to appreciate what we have. We can even keep a ‘gratitude journal’ and write 4-5 things we are grateful for every day. 4) We can focus on what is done rather than on what is not done. 5) We can exercise so that we can produce serotonin (the good hormone) in our body. Good sensations in the body will affect our mind and spirit in a positive way. If we incorporate one or all of these five suggestions, we will experience more vitality and more positive emotions.

Raising our vibration has everything to do with the way we feel. Finding ways and excuses to feel good can become a habit. In a short while, we will notice a big difference. Let’s get abandon old habits and create new ones! Our life is in our hands!

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