How we perceive the world has everything to do with our beliefs. These beliefs, however, are so deeply ingrained in our subconscious that we are not aware of their existence. Usually, they are planted on our subconscious at a young age when our conscious mind cannot distinguish between wrong (limiting) beliefs and good beliefs. We end up carrying all beliefs into our adult life, and our behavior is a reflection of these beliefs. For example, if we believe that we are not good enough (=a wrong belief), we will behave in ways that show exactly that. We may avoid doing things we want because we wrongly believe that we cannot do them or blame others for not doing the things we want instead of taking responsibility for our lack of action.

As an NLP coach, I have learnt to listen carefully to the language my clients use to describe themselves and their life. The language one uses reveals a lot about their personality, and quite often I ‘hear’ the limiting beliefs in someone’s words . My aim is to help my clients become conscious of how their language reveals their ‘wrong’ beliefs. Through specific techniques and exercises, I guide them to dig deeply into their subconscious and uncover what limits their thinking so that they can begin to understand their behaviors and actions. After all, the first step into any kind of healing process is awareness and owning what we do. Others are not to blame for what is happening to us. The ‘victim’ mentality is something we have inherited through our ‘programming’ and conditioning. But it is not something that should stay with us. The good news is that the ‘old programs’ from the past can be replaced with ‘new programs’ if one is willing to do the NLP work. True power lies in understanding and embracing who we are so that we can clear old and debilitating perceptions and replace them with empowering ones.





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