“May Day” May Day” for Humanity

Our planet earth is suffering and sending out an S.O.S. !! How do we know? One look around and we can see wars, famine, disease, arguments, fighting, depression and bitterness. Why is this happening? There is only one answer to this question….and that is greed! Nothing and no one is enough. No one is happy with what they have got. People always want more or they want what the other person or other nation has. Who can hear earth’s call for help? Only those who spend time in silence during their day. When we spend a few minutes in silence every day, it is certain that we can hear our inner voice. It is that voice that helps us distinguish ‘right’ from ‘wrong’. It is that voice that connects us to our inner being. In fact, our inner voice is our inner being. There is not a person on the planet who cannot tell right from wrong. Those who continue to live their lives in a trance, they make a choice to keep their consciousness asleep. It is easier that way.

However, we are all a decision away from ‘waking up’ and asking the following question: What can I do from my position to help my family, my friend, my neighbor, my colleague, the poor person or the homeless person in my community? What can I do to bring peace to my relationships with others? It all starts with us! It all starts with a decision to give compassion and love instead of hatred and disdain to those who are living on this planet at the same time as us. It is all about deciding to wake up in the morning and meditate or pray for ourselves, for other human beings and for the planet. It’s all about choosing to be humble and loving rather than ‘superior’ and selfish.

The dust around us is from all the wars and all the fighting! The bad energy in the atmosphere is from all the negative thoughts and emotions people are carrying inside their heads and hearts. How much more can our planet take? The earth is not going to heal unless we start healing ourselves and our relationships with others. The earth needs us! Let’s put our ego aside and join hands. This is what I call real ‘power’!

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