Mastering Emotions

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with emotions?

E-motions are energy in motion! In fact, the Latin derivative ‘emotere’ literally means ‘energy in motion’. When we feel an emotion such as joy or anger, we are experiencing the energy moving through the body. Understanding emotions as energy means that they can be released or suppressed since energy is fluid and malleable. Thoughts and beliefs precede emotions. Therefore, our emotional states are the result of the thoughts and beliefs (conscious or unconscious) we hold. Imagine the power we have when we learn to observe our thoughts. We can choose to discard thoughts that do not serve us, and keep those thoughts that are beneficial to us. This process will impact the quality of the energy (in emotions) that runs through the cells of our body and determines our health. NLP techniques help you master and effectively manage your emotions in order to obtain your desired outcomes in life.

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