Life is a gift

There are signs everywhere! The universe, God or our true self – depending on how you wish to name the higher power that governs us 🙂 –  is always showing us signs that life is a gift. I got my ‘sign’ in an actual sign this time  which was literally hanging over my head, and I could not resist. I had to take the photo 🙂 Unfortunately, however, we often don’t see the signs or hear the messages embedded in the signs because of all the background noise our busy mind is making. We are so immersed in our thoughts that we don’t have time to appreciate life. In fact, we miss the joy that small but valuable moments bring us: A phone call from a friend, a warm meal, a glass of water, a smile – all examples of how precious life is. But we don’t see these moments in that way. We just take life for granted and behave as if we are going to live on this planet forever. We act in rude in inconsiderate ways toward other people without thinking that our actions may scar someone for life.

If we really care about real living and genuine relationships, we can make a conscious effort to slow down and appreciate every moment of this precious gift we call life.  All we have to do is keep our receptors – our “antennae” on so that we can ‘get’ the messages being sent to us! All we have to do is …really ‘see’ the other person, really hear that song, really smell the aroma of a freshly brewed coffee, really hug someone, really taste the meal a loved one prepared and give thanks. This is how we clean our vibration. This is how we send back our message to the universe…that we get the message that … every day is a gift and we appreciate it!

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