A lot has been written about the concept of ‘Humility’. Just like any other concept, the term ‘humility’ has many interpretations and invokes different images in our minds. For example, when we contemplate the word ‘humility’ images of religious figures or gurus may come to mind. We may also think of humble people as people who are weak and subservient. In today’s world, being humble often means having no confidence, but this could not be further from the truth. Humility is a virtue, and I am so happy to note that countless of research studies now prove that true humility from the heart is the reason why many people manage their lives and others’ lives effectively.

True humility from the heart is where our power lies. True humility from the heart means we quietly (not passively) know who we are! True humility means accepting our strengths with appreciation and gratitude without judging ourselves for our limitations! It means being honest with ourselves and with others! It means putting aside our ego and being willing to listen to other points of view. It means listening without judging. This is how respect and peace is created in our dealings with others.

Heart humility is not a theoretical concept. It is a practical quality that we can attain. All we have to do is put it into practice in our everyday interactions with others. Heart humility is the quality and tool that can help us navigate through the world with wisdom, prudence, integrity and confidence. Try it and see the results for yourselves.

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