What is Healing?
If you can accept that everything in the universe is energy, then you can accept that all thoughts and all cells in the body vibrate on energy. In fact, the whole body vibrates according to the way we think and feel. The way energy flows through your body depends on the way you think and feel. Therefore, if you feel good, you and all trillion cells in your body are ‘at ease’. If you feel bad, then you are experiencing ‘dis-ease’. All illnesses start with a sensation of negative emotion. Negative emotions can block the way energy moves in the body. In fact, the moment you start to feel a negative emotion, you are on your way to dis-ease. In short, the cause of all illness is always vibrational (i.e. a negative thought, a negative emotion).
The good news is that if you are aware of the negative emotions (i.e. fear, guilt, anger, shame etc), you can choose to transform them by focusing on wellness. After all, your body’s natural state of being is one of wellness. The body has the resources to heal itself, and it is encouraging that doctors and medical centers around the world recognize this today.

My experience with Healing
Three years ago (October 2014), I had my first experience with Healing when I ‘allowed’ energy to flow into my body effortlessly. I call it a ‘miracle’, and I have been living in gratitude and awe ever since. What has been ‘given’ to me is sacred and practicing healing on my body every day has been a blessing. However, this energy work is not to be enjoyed only by me. I am certain now that the Healing that flows through and from my hands is to be shared with others.
In these sessions, you can learn about my experience with Healing, watch how I do the Healing on my body and go through the steps of how you can apply the same technique on your body. You have the power to heal yourself!

We live in a vibrational universe. Everything around us is made of sub-atomic particles which vibrate at different energetic frequencies.  Therefore, everything (your cell phone, your car, your house, the planets and the universe) is energy. As humans, we emit signals at different vibrational frequencies through our thoughts and emotions. 
Healing can take many meanings. In my view, a walk in nature, a dance, a conversation with a close friend can constitute healing as long as one feels better after engaging with these activities. What is certain, however, is that healing is directly related to energy. Just the mere fact
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