“Food for thought” – Entry 70 – ‘HEALING’


You have not heard from me in a while dear friends, that is true!! This was not done on purpose…on the contrary…everything happens for a reason…and in divine timing. Therefore, instead of searching to find the reasons for my ‘absence’…let us rejoice in the reconnection 🙂

So…I hope you are all doing well! And the topic of the day is ‘healing’…Healing can take many forms and it has a different meaning for each person and in various disciplines. The simplest way I can look at healing is a feeling…an emotion that takes over your body and mind…and leaves you in a state of complete relaxation. For some people..healing can be a beautiful walk in nature, for others a hot bath…listening to music, working in the garden, talking to a close friend…and the list is endless. For me is whatever brings you in alignment with who you really are.

On November 12, 2016 we will talk about and share a type of energetic healing that reduces your stress levels and brings your body and mind back to homeostasis (=balance). Join me at this year’s Mind, Body and Spirit Festival on the 12th November, 2016 at 4 pm. I will be in the GAIA room at the Filoxenia Conference Center, Nicosia, Cyprus (see link below for further information)

Take care of yourself and always remember, life is a gift so use it wisely 🙂Love and light, Niki


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