“Food for thought” – Entry 69 – ‘PERCEPTIONS’


Hello everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer! Every day is a lesson…actually, every moment is a lesson as long as we are awake and aware of what is happening around us. Each of us is a ‘victim’ of our deeply ingrained beliefs which determine how we perceive the world and circumstances. I say ‘victim’ because when those beliefs and values were planted at an early age, our conscious mind was not at work to discard them. However, we can choose not to be ‘victims’ when we become aware of these ‘wrong’ or limiting beliefs by which we live our lives unconsciously.

Every time I participate in a conversation I tune in to how these limiting beliefs surface in the words we use to talk about our lives and what happened or happens to us. What amazes me even more is that we love to talk about all the bad things that happened to us as if our life would end if we didn’t. I don’t blame us….we are only humans….But then it occurred to me…We are humans but this is not a humane thing to do because all we manage to do is to stay ‘stuck’ in that ‘old’ way of thinking and feeling. As a result, we get sick because all this negative energy stays trapped in our bodies!!

The way we perceive things and people can change so easily the minute we realize that we do a disservice to ourselves by choosing to focus on the limitations of our nature or the problems/issues we are facing. We are unknowingly hurting ourselves by creating havoc in our minds while forgetting that this is what causes stress in our minds and bodies.

Living in peace and harmony is only a matter of choice: choose the side you want to be on…Do you want to be among those people who focus on the good and blessings in their life or do you want to be among those who have nothing good to say about anyone or anything?

I know that there is a lot of bad energy flying around on our planet …I am not oblivious to this….and I am not suggesting that we become insensitive or indifferent to those who are suffering. On the contrary, I am suggesting that we focus on how compassionate we can be…But what better place to start the process than with your SELF??? Because if you cannot show compassion to yourself, how can you show compassion to others?

Think about this the next time you rush to see things only through your own ‘old’ lens of perceptions!!! And always remember, life is a gift, so use it wisely!! Love and light, Niki

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