“Food for thought” – Entry 67 – ‘THE ART OF THINKING’

Hi folks, hope you are well! Well, thinking is an art! Do you agree? In fact, it is a lost art. What do I mean by this? Those of us who have been blessed with a brain possess the ability to create thoughts simply because of our brain’s numerous neurological connections. What a gift!
And did you know that in an average day, 50000-60000 thoughts enter and leave our brain?? Of course, we are not conscious of all these thoughts. The interesting thing is that he majority of these thoughts are ‘wrong’ :)) Yes, indeed! They are wrong simply because they are based on each person’s perceptions which are based on each person’s conditioning!! Imagine that!! Imagine how much energy is wasted when we make an effort to defend our views or prove the other person wrong by convincing them that their thoughts are wrong and ours are right!
So, thinking is an art and we have the means to master it! All we have to do is train our mind to focus on thoughts that make us feel good. If we learn to be aware of our thoughts and discard the ones that do not serve us, then we are not victims of our thoughts but we are in charge of our thoughts instead. Now THAT is empowering!! And always remember, life is a gift so use it wisely. Love and light, Niki

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