Faith, Hope and Love

Yesterday, we had our December Happiness Club meeting. It always amazes me to observe in our discussions how the members of the Cyprus Happiness Club have been evolving in thought and emotion. We all have our own path to follow in life, and we also have the free will to choose which way to go. We are so free we can choose pain and suffering. We are so free we can choose peace and harmony. The choice is ours. Faith, Hope and Love are also choices in life. What is faith? What is hope? What is love? I am certainly no expert, and there are multiple meanings and interpretations for each of these three concepts. I am just offering my take on this!

Faith is a belief in things unseen, and where faith resides there is no room for logic or questioning. Faith is a knowing that things are happening before they manifest. When we have faith, we feel ‘it’ more than we can explain ‘it’ logically. Hope is an emotion that boosts life forward and motivates us to move toward our dreams and goals. However, one has to be careful with ‘hope’ because when we ‘hope’ for things there is a danger to get disappointed when things are not happening as soon as we want them to. We need to make sure that ‘hope’ is a positive emotion which fills us up with happy expectations for things to come. Above all things, however, lies love. Love is the catalyst for all things in the universe. We come from love, and we return to love. Pure, genuine and unconditional love resides in all living things. All we need to do is allow ourselves to ‘see’ love and ‘feel’ love. You may wonder…”how can I love a person who hurt me, abandoned me,  lied to me…etc. Well, these are normal reactions that we, as humans, have toward people that (based on our perceptions) cause us pain…Perceptions are always behind everything. But who is to say that are perceptions are right? It is definitely hard to let go of people who disappoint us, let alone love those who perceive as our ‘enemies’.

The late Wayne Dyer once said: “Be kind to your friends, but most importantly….be kind to your enemies”. We don’t have to condone the actions of someone who hurt us, but we can all try remember that we are not the ones to judge others. There is divine justice and balance in the universe. All we have to do is remember that we carry the divine spark of love inside us, and it is up to us to make this spark a fire that will dissolve all negativity and pain. I am not preaching here…I am talking from experience. Try sending love out from the heart to all people and all living things and watch what happens. Love will transform you and others. It boils down to this: Love conquers all! Let this Christmas be a new beginning, and let “Love, Love, Love” be your motto these holidays and throughout the year.

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