Embracing the Light in the New Year

What better day to write about the Light than today – the day when most Christians around the world celebrate “Epiphany” or the day of “Holy Lights”. I do not mean to give a religious meaning to the day or term but rather a spiritual one. For me, this day symbolizes new beginnings and a decision to want to cleanse ourselves from previous addictions to negative thinking or passive acceptance of  the ‘status quo’. Our past conditioning has ‘trained us to hold on to wrong beliefs about ourselves and live unconsciously. It almost feels sometimes like observing life from a distance behind a foggy screen. However, Light is everywhere! It resides as energy in our cells, it shines on our planet and gives it life, it is in every loving thought and word. Without Light nothing moves and nothing grows. Light can heal us if we choose to focus on it while interacting with others. After all, Light disappears only when we (consciously or unconsciously) focus on ‘darkness’ – on things that basically go against our nature. Light is absent when we talk badly of ourselves or others, when we focus on other people’s ‘business’ instead of our own, when we live our days forgetting what our purpose in life is…For me, living my life in Light is my “New Year’s resolution”.It is my commitment from this day forward to live according to my true nature of love and light. It is my decision to join others who choose to embrace and spread Light, Love and Kindness to heal hearts, souls and minds. Join me in this  “march” for Light today and every day of our physical existence. It will make our transition to the other dimension a smoother one 🙂 Light and Love to you all!

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