The Cyprus Happiness Club – November 2017 meeting

The Cyprus Happiness Club was established in February 2016. There are approximately 1000 Happiness Clubs around the world, and I am ‘happy’ that Cyprus belongs in this global community of people who seek ways to improve their quality of life. You can find all the details about the Cyprus Happiness Club in this website 🙂

The meetings take place on the last Sunday of each month. During the meetings, we may discuss issues that cause stress in one’s life and learn ways and techniques which help us interact with others in more effective ways. My expertise and background in Life Coaching and NLP Coaching provides another perspective to the members, and I am happy to show how my life has improved after applying certain principles and approaches. Moreover, a member may bring an issue of concern to the group, and we all work together in order to help this person deal with her limiting beliefs or challenges. A useful and necessary component of the meetings is the meditation that follows the discussion or mini lesson. We all spend 10-15 minutes in an atmosphere of complete relaxation. We close our eyes, shut the outside world out and focus on our breath and our inner guidance system.

I am so grateful to belong in this wonderful group of co-creators. It is always important to work on our own energy by ourselves, but the dynamic of a group is also so powerful!!

Anyone can join our Happiness Club meetings (men, women, young adults) 🙂 And it’s free!

Hope you will join us on the 26th November, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Love and light to you all!! x0x0x0


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