Confidence Building

Have you ever avoided going to a party imagining the worst possible outcome?

The truth or faith we have in ourselves and our abilities is called self-confidence. Positive feelings about the ‘self’ lead to a higher self-esteem and affect the how we think, feel and act. Self-confident people face the challenges of life but at the same time are willing to admit their limitations without being afraid. Many factors affect the development of self-confidence. However, the most powerful factor underlying self-confidence is the conditioning we receive in our early years. The attitudes parents, teachers and primary care givers have toward children are crucial in developing feelings of self-worth about themselves. If there is excessive criticism in early years, feelings of inadequacy and inferiority will be carried into adult life. Confidence is a state of mind. There are many useful NLP tools that help boost your confidence and shift you into a strong and healthy state of mind.

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