The emotion of appreciation

The word “appreciation” means “being grateful for something or someone” or “recognizing the full worth of something or someone”. Many people, however, say “thank you, I appreciate it”…(whatever the “it” may represent) without feeling the words. Finding the emotion of appreciation inside is really not that hard. All we have […]


A lot has been written about the concept of ‘Humility’. Just like any other concept, the term ‘humility’ has many interpretations and invokes different images in our minds. For example, when we contemplate the word ‘humility’ images of religious figures or gurus may come to mind. We may also think […]


In a recent presentation, I spoke with students about “attitude”. In my line of work as a life coach and NLP coach, it is very gratifying to interact with young minds. I am eager to hear what they have to say and listen to their concerns because young people represent […]