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Dr Niki Christodoulou is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Neuro-Linguistic (NLP) Coach and Certified NLP Practitioner. Niki received her Life Coaching and NLP Coaching certifications by the Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming Coaching Professionals (NLPC) and the Association of Coaches and Mentors of South Africa. Niki did her NLP training under Robert Simic, founder of Robert Simic Coaching Institute.

Born and raised in Nicosia, Cyprus, Niki holds a doctorate in Teacher Education from the University of Nottingham, UK, a Master in Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and a Bachelor in International Relations and French from the American University in Washington D.C. Over the three decades of her academic career, she has always felt that positive emotions play a huge role in learning, teaching and research. She has been discovering that the principles of self-discovery and personal growth are paramount in helping learners achieve their true potential. The most profound realizations in her career, however, occurred while Niki was engaged in her doctoral work. Working with peers in the field of TESOL in an environment of appreciative and non-judgmental reflective collaboration, Niki became aware that her ways of interacting with her students and colleagues have a lot in common with many NLP principles. Niki was in awe to discover that principles such as open-mindedness, responsibility and open-heartedness found within reflective and evolutionary teacher mentoring are also crucial components in NLP. For example, NLP entails principles such as taking responsibility for one’s actions and focusing on the positive rather than on what is missing from one’s reality. In short, Niki is grateful to note that her academic inclinations and interest cross paths with her passion to empower others through her life and NLP coaching.

In her work as a Life and NLP Coach, Niki seeks to bring these ideas to a wider audience through seminars and workshops. She especially enjoys participating and lecturing in international and local events like the annual Mind, Body and Spirit (MBS) Conference and Exhibition which takes place in Cyprus. For the last fifteen years, the MBS Festival has been attracting more than 3000 visitors each year.

In her private coaching, Niki is dedicated to giving consultations which aim to empower people to overcome limiting beliefs and gain control of thinking and emotional patterns. Niki feels that her mission in life is to support and guide others to discover who they truly are and use that knowledge to create a new and happier reality. In fact, Niki is committed to serve her life’s purpose to the fullest since being a coach fills her heart with love, gratitude and appreciation on a daily basis.

Meditation and healing are also very important in Niki’s life. Niki meditates daily and experiences the physical, mental and emotional benefits of meditation. Niki remembers having her first experience connecting with source in the early ‘90s. Since then, she got sidetracked by ‘life’ and walked her ‘path’ unconsciously, being preoccupied with ‘doing’ and not with ‘being’ consciously. However, years later universal forces brought her back to her true ‘path’. Only this time, the awakening was accompanied with the powerful and clear message that ‘we are more than we think we are’. Through her meditation practice, Niki connects with source energy and receives healing for herself and others. She is also guided to offer this healing, which is a gift from the divine, to others who need it. The only pre-requisite to receive this healing is to be open to receive. Niki’s motto is that anything and everything is possible if we honor our true divine selves and consciously choose to connect with thoughts and feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation instead of focusing on negative aspects of the external reality. Niki strongly encourages others to put a little meditation in their life, too.

Niki’s is also the founder of the Cyprus Happiness Club. There are about 1000 Happiness Clubs around the globe. Since February 2016, the Cyprus Happiness Club has been added to the global list of Happiness Clubs in the world thanks to Niki’s efforts. Everyone has their own definition of happiness. Niki’s personal philosophy is that happiness is the ability to ‘feel good’ at a given moment. Life is made up of moments, and it is the conscious choice of happy thoughts that creates these moments. The Cyprus Happiness Club consists of fifteen dedicated members thus far, but Niki aspires that the membership will grow as new members are welcome to join the monthly meetings of the Club. For more information on the Cyprus Happiness Club and its activities see…. Also, please SEE the article dedicated to the Cyprus Happiness Club posted on the official Happiness Clubs website.


Niki’s first book was published in December 2016. The title of the book is Reflective Development through the C.A.R.E. Model: Empowering Teachers of English as a Foreign Language. Although the audience of the book is primarily teachers and educators in the field of English Language Teaching, the principles behind Niki’s humanistic philosophy of language teaching in the book overlap with the NLP principles of acceptance, absence of judgment and empowerment. It is clear in Niki’s mind that her academic and professional realms have been intertwining all these years, guiding her to think, feel and act with care from her positions as an educator and coach.


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